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It’s been nearly fifteen years since MySpace first launched and brought about the beginning of what we now know as social media. Fast forward to 2018 and whilst MySpace is still very much active (attracting over 50 million users last year in the US alone) the leading social media platforms are now Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. With each attracting hundreds of millions, and in Facebook’s case, billions, of users it’s probably safe to say that social media isn’t going away anytime soon. So with this in mind, it’s imperative for any modern day business to be active on social media in order turn users, followers and likes into potential customers, clients and sales.

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If you really want to get the most for your business by harnessing the power of social media it’s important to understand how each platform works. Whilst I may sit here advocating the importance of social it can also be extremely counterproductive to your business if approached incorrectly. So below I have outlined what I feel are five of the most important practices when forging a social media strategy. If you follow these tips then this should put you and your business on the right track and from there you’ll be able to figure what really works for you and what doesn’t.

1. Get straight to the point.

It’s been proven that within business shorter posts work better. According to research, a short, concise news post which gets straight to the point can gain up to 85% more engagement than a long rambling monologue. Social media News Feeds are a busy place and move at a frantic pace, as do most users, especially younger ones, so it’s important to grab a user’s attention and the best way to achieve this is by keeping it short and sweet. Whilst many social media managers may view post lengths as subjective the general consensus is that a shorter post length works better than a longer one.

2. Try and include a link to your website.

Aside from growing your page numbers the main goal of any social media campaign is to eventually drive traffic from your page to your website. So it’s important that when you’re sharing content you should always try and include a link. Even if you’re sharing an image or a video it’s imperative that you include a link back to your website. Just make sure the link you’re including is relevant to the content you’re sharing. Also look at using a URL shortening tool such as to keep the link short and neat adhering to the first practice I mentioned of keeping posts short.

3. Choose the right page for your business.

Social media can be a time-consuming activity so when choosing a platform to launch your business make sure it’s the right one for you. As stated above, whilst social is important it can also be detrimental if gone about the wrong way. So research which social outlets would be best for you. For instance, if your campaign is image heavy look to a platform such as Instagram where images are key. However, if you’re looking to build a customer service or marketing focused campaign to promote products and offers you may want to look at Facebook or Twitter. Or perhaps you feel you have the tools and content to launch your business across all of the major platforms, if so then great but just make sure each approach you take is tailored to each specific platform.

4. Show personality, be original but remain a business.

The end game of any social strategy isn’t just to grow your page followers, although that is also important, ultimately the reason you painstakingly set about launching on social is to grow your business and convert new found traffic into profits. But it’s important not to be seen as a robot generically posting details on your products. Try to cultivate a personality using language you feel your customers will respond to. By doing so you’ll effectively manage to come across as genuine whilst at the same time hopefully distinguishing yourself from your competitors. However, when posting as a company or business make sure you never post as yourself. By that, I mean using ‘I’ in any circumstance. Always use a collective noun when referring to your company, you don’t want to come across as one person sitting in a garage taking orders, even if you are.

5. Be consistent but don’t overdo it.

Two of the worst moves you could ever make on social media is to either not post enough or to post too often. You need to strike the right balance of post volume without being seen as desperate. At the same time if you post too little users may not take your business seriously. There’s nothing worse than landing on a page on any social platform to discover that the last time anything was posted was over two months ago. This will just give off an impression that you don’t care about your business or worse still, your business has since folded. So while the correct amount of posts you make may not be set in stone, gauge how responsive your followers are each time you post and be sure to always respond quickly and professionally if they do respond or leave a comment.

Whilst the above rules may come across as obvious to any experienced social media manager, newcomers to social media marketing should do their utmost to employ all of the above technics to their fledgeling campaigns. And whilst we may not have mentioned this in any of the above, it pretty much goes without saying that your spelling and grammar must always be correct.

So now I have explained some of the fundamentals of creating a great social media strategy, it’s now up to you to use what I have outlined in this post to the benefit of your business - Good luck!

Daniel Smith

By Daniel Smith

Dan is the lead Content Creator & Social Media Manager at Unity Websites and has an unyielding passion for all things digital, coffee and cake.

By Daniel Smith

Dan is the lead Content Creator & Social Media Manager at Unity Websites and has an unyielding passion for all things digital, coffee and cake.

Daniel Smith

By Daniel Smith

Dan is the lead Content Creator & Social Media Manager at Unity Websites and has an unyielding passion for all things digital, coffee and cake.


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